What are Hotel Amenities

23 Sep

Hotels in Makati

When talking of hotels, hotel amenities are never forgotten to be considered. Hotel amenities are those things that make a tourist stay in a hotel a great one. Hotel amenities provide comfort to the hotel guests and one of the criteria considered when choosing a hotel. Hotel popularity significantly increases when one happy customer informs other family members or friends about his hotel stay. In which proves that this simple things should not be taken for granted by hotel owners. For your basic hotel necessities, visit Guijo Suites– a budget hotel in Makati.

What are hotel amenities?

According to Wikipedia, a hotel amenity is a product that is given to a guest when renting a hotel room. However, hotel amenities vary from one hotel brand to another. Some budget hotels, can only offer basic amenity like soap, shampoos, tooth brush and toothpaste and towels because of their tight budget. But when speaking of luxury hotels, facilities are unlimited. It’s clearly the higher the budget, the more benefits you get.

What are the kinds of hotel Amenities?

With the advancement of technology, necessities of a human being greatly increased drastically, which caused recent upgrades for modern hotels to cater the needs of its guests. It can be categorized into three categories:

•Inside the room

Regular hotel room- tv, bed, pillows, bathroom with hot and cold shower
Luxurious hotel room- lcd tv, King/Queen sized bed, bathroom with bath tub and hot & cold shower

•Personal items

Regular hotel room- towels, soaps, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush
Luxurious hotel room- towels, soaps, shampoo, shower cap, toothpaste, toothbrush, hair dryer, irons and ironing board.

•Sports and Recreational Facilities

Regular hotel- vending machine, and swimming pool.
Luxurious hotel- vending machine, swimming pool, physical fitness gym, golf course, tennis court, basketball court and other popular sports.

To wrap things up, hotel amenities are one of the important factors hotel owners should be wary of. It serves as a bait for your potential customers. I also want to take note that budget hotels do not offer the most luring amenities but still provides its customers the best services it can offer.


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